Advantages of Online Counseling


Web counseling is nowadays becoming a common practice for both therapists and clients. This is a great way of offering counseling services over the Internet. It can be done through emails, web cameras and chat rooms. In most cases, this type of counseling is referred to as e-therapy, e-counseling or cyberspace counseling. As compared to traditional counseling, this type of therapy has a lot of benefits, and these are discussed below.

1.            Accessibility

This type of online counseling is easily accessible to people who want to use it. For instance, people living in rural areas where traditional counseling is not available can opt for online therapy. This is because they only require devices, such as computer, tablets or mobile phones and a reliable source of Internet in order to get connected. Also, physically disabled people who are unable to leave their homes can easily access the services at their convenience, not forgetting those with hearing and visual impairments.

2.            Convenience

Web therapy is quite convenient. This is because both the client and therapist correspond with each other at their convenience. This takes away the hassle of scheduling meetings or appointments at brick-and-mortar premises as it is with traditional counseling. Also, the online therapist is able to attend to many clients since appointments can be scheduled in less than 24 hours.

3.            Affordability

This is a very economical way of getting counseled. In fact, it is quite affordable for both client and therapist. Especially for a counselor who is not in a position to rent a commercial space, this is an affordable way of offering counseling services.

4.            Anonymity

Because of anonymity, clients end up expressing their issues in an open way without fear or bias. This is because they are not face-to-face with the counselor. This, therefore, leads to an increased level of integrity and openness.

5.            Different Ways to Communicate

On the Internet people mostly communicate through a written form. This is evident in emails and chat rooms, which allow clients and therapists to communicate through writing. This is a great way for clients who are shy or who fear to express themselves in words. Communication through writing allows clients to express themselves fully and without fear since they are allowed all the time to do so. Also, a direct communication via web cams and Skype can be effective.

When scouting for an online counsellingdubai , you need to consider a few things. For instance, if you want an online relationship counselor, you have to go for someone who is qualified and experienced. Before you sign up for online counseling, make sure you have done a bit of research to know their legitimacy.